Trackday Manager Beta Signup

Trackday Manager Beta Signup

Trackday Manager, the upcoming free-to-play racecar team management game from Arctic Hazard Game Studio a/s has entered the late stages of development, and vast information about the game is now available on the company and game websites.

With two videos released, it will become clear to the fans what Trackday Manager is all about. The trailer video is a short montage from different scenarios during the 3D racing portion of the game, while the second video goes into depth about what the players can expect to experience while racing.

“When we started working on Trackday Manager we saw a large gap in the gaming market for our type of game. Most racing games are hands on, controlling the cars directly. But here at the studio we wanted to give the players a new experience. What we’ve ended up with is a more relaxed, yet action packed system where you (as the team manager) issue commands to your driver such as “attempt to overtake” or “tail the car in front”, and in a way indirectly influence the control of the car. We felt this would fit a manager style game best, and in all honestly its a real blast to play” – Terje Lundberg, Creative Director.

Trackday Manager will enter closed beta in the summer. Those interested in becoming one of the first to test the game and help the Arctic Hazard make it a solid experience should head over to the website to sign up.

Visit to learn more about Trackday Manager, Arctic Hazard, and to sign up for beta testing.
The two recently released videos of the game can also be found at ArcticHazard Youtube

About Arctic Hazard – Arctic Hazard Game Studio a/s is an independent video game developer founded in 2010 by several industry veterans from Norway. The company aim to bring new, fun and innovative games to the market across all platforms.


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