The Benefits of Sponsors

The Benefits of Sponsors

Sponsors in Trackday Manager are not just pretty colours to decorate your cars with (they ARE, but that’s not just ALL they are). Signing a sponsor for your race team is a very important part of your career.

Depending on your reputation, companies will begin approaching you with sponsor offers. They want to put their logo on your car, and in return they will give you a fat paycheck for achieving various goals set out in the contract. These can range from giving you money for finishing in certain race positions, to one-time bonuses for getting particular medals.


The income sponsors generate for you is essential for a budding young team manager to purchase much needed car upgrades. As you please your sponsors your reputation will increase, enticing more lucrative offers and more prominent sponsors. These larger sponsors will offer more money, but will also have much more restrictive guidelines about what they expect and where on your car you can place them. Be careful! Nothing hurts your reputation more than losing a big sponsor.

Click here to view all the sponsors currently in the game. We are constantly adding new sponsors, and the list grows every month.

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