Game Overview



Trackday Manager allows you to take control and own your own racecar team, competing in the Streetcar division. Your team consists of one driver and a full crew to help you out.

Trackday Manager lets you control your team economy, develop your crew, sign sponsors, buy cars, upgrade cars, customize patterns and colors and place sponsors, among other things. But the main focus of the game is on the Trackday, when you take your car and team to the racetrack to compete against other players. When racing you DO NOT control your car as in normal driving games, but as a team chief you issue orders to your driver.

Race Tracks

You will experience five different race tracks for the Streetcar division. Some are modelled after real race tracks and some are made from our own designs. Each track has its own feel and way to be mastered. Two of the tracks are Rudskogen Motorsenter (a real race track located in Norway) and Arctic Hazard Raceway, a track that was made by us here at Arctic Hazard.

Dynamic Weather and Time of day

The game will feature dynamic weather and time of day so even though a race usually does not last longer than 10 to 20 minutes, you might experience sun, night, and rain during the same race. Driving around on a wet racetrack with slicks on your car is not a wise decision, so be sure to pit and change to wet tires if the forecast is rain.



Here is where Trackday Manager really shines and stands out from other games; you DO NOT control your car during the race directly, but instead issue commands to your driver. When and where to use the correct commands is the key to success. No commands give the car a instant response, as it’s the driver in control and not you. Your driver will always try to the best of his/her abilities to comply and execute your orders though.

The Race Screen is in full 3D and shows you the track as well as give you full control over your driver and pitcrew during the race through our user interface. You will be able to monitor the speed, revs, engine temperature, tire temperature, car state, forecast of weather and a lot of other features that you need to be able to do your job as a team leader.

The Driver

Your driver will communicate to you during the race to let you know if something is wrong with the car, his status etc. The Driver starts out as an inexperienced rookie driver, but over time he will gain experience which you can use to enhance his skillset.


The game updates the world leaderboards at all times, and will track all the players statistics in the game letting you compare yourself against your friends as well as all other players of Trackday Manager. There are several in-game unlocks that are based on leaderboard positions.


The Crew

You will have a crew of thirteen people working on customizing and maintaining your cars outside races, but they also function as your pit crew during races.
The roles are Mechanic, Wheel Specialists, Fuel Specialists, Jacks and Lollipop Man. Each member can get better at what they do, you simply save up experience and money to send them on courses.


Trackday Manager has ten different cars available at launch, all for the Streetcar division. These cars are inspired by real vehicles but designed and modelled by us here at Arctic Hazard Game Studio. We hope you will enjoy them.


Sponsors plas a huge part in Trackday Manager as they are the main source of income for your team. We have been fortunate to get real sponsors for the players to use on their cars and crew suits. Every sponsor will have requirements in their contracts that need to be met to be able to get the most of money from them. They also appreciate loyalty, so the longer you use a sponsor on your car the higher the loyalty bonus will be. The Sponsors will approach you based on results and accomplishments during the game and it will be up you you as a team owner to accept or decline a contract suggestion. You can never have more than ten active sponsors at any given time.
There are three different type of sponsor slots on cars: Minor, Medium, and Major. Where to place sponsors on your car is totally up to you as a player, but keep in mind that each sponsor falls under an industry category, and you can’t put sponsors within the same category on the same car.



You will be able to upgrade all your cars with hundreds of aftermarket parts. There are 9 upgrade slots to the engine, and 9 slots to the chassis for every car in the game. Build a car that your driver feels comfortable with.


Every car has a lot of paint job options, both patterns and colors so you can make your cars look the way you want.

Platforms and Release

The game will be launched digitally sometime during 2015 on both iOS and Android Tablets as well as Windows PC.

External Testing of the game

Closed beta is currently in progress. Before release we plan to hold an open beta as well.