Official World Leaderboards!

Official World Leaderboards!

One of the most awesome partsĀ of Trackday Manager is the competition. Not only competition in-game, but also on the official world leaderboards. These can be an invaluable tool, showing your progress, statistics, and achievements measured against every other player in the world!

On the main leaderboard a variety of features are available: sorting by column is a very useful way to view where you rank by different criteria. You can also filter by nationality, making it very easy to compare your progress to other players in the same region as you. There is also a search bar to search for a specific team name.

Using the pin button will ensure that you will always be able to view the selected team however you are sorting the columns.leaderboardPin

Clicking a team name gives you a player overview very similar to the in-game Team Screen, displaying all achievements, medals, and statistics the player has attained in their career so far.profile


The leaderboard is an excellent way to keep tabs on your friends (and enemies!) over Trackday Manager. Let the competition begin!

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